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Make patient identity errors a thing of the past with 100% accurate, positive patient identification.

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Strong patient identification procedures are what keep hospitals and clinics from making costly errors when delivering care. While other hospitals lose an average of $17 million every year from denied claims, yours could be retaining that revenue – and building more – with Privasent. Explore all the benefits of an Absolute Identity solution.

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Every Misidentification Error Has a Cost

The lack of standards for patient identification at the federal and state levels compromises patient safety and escalates health care costs. Luckily, there's a preventative solution available - right now. Download our FREE White Paper, Solving the Patient Identity Dilemma, and learn the dangers associated with conventional patient identifiers and how the Privasent Absolute Identity solution saves money, preserves health care entities' reputations, and protects your patients.

Privasent uses a combination of smart card, biometric identification, and cloud-based security technologies to ensure accurate patient identity each time a patient receives care.Learn More
The risk of identity error increases 5% each time a record is shared. A physician relying on the wrong medical history due to an identity error can make a costly decision.Learn More
Privasent does not link demographics with their unique identity, so it presents no privacy risk. Other biometric registration-only solutions rely on demographics to index biometrics compromising patient privacy.Learn More
With Privasent, patients cannot register for care using another person’s identity or insurance. Innumerable hours can be saved that might normally be spent resolving fraudulent claims. Learn More
The right patient identification system can help providers contain costs and boost revenue by encouraging patient loyalty. When patients use Privasent, they know their care organization puts their safety and satisfaction first. Learn More

Why Choose Privasent?

Accurate patient identification is strategic and essential for clinical collaboration — providing the opening to improve patient outcomes and prevent life-threatening mistakes based on misidentification somewhere in the series of care. Benefits of offering the Privasent solution:

  • Reduces billing errors and collection problems associated with patient identity mistakes
  • Improves ability for clinical collaboration and assessing clinical and financial risk
  • Eliminates errors in master patient index and mismatch of health records that jeopardize patient safety
  • Streamlines registration processes while boosting patient satisfaction and confidence
  • Abolishes medical identity fraud and the associated bad debt write-offs
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One Identity No Matter Where a Patient Receives Care. Absolute Identity. Everywhere.

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Have Absolute Confidence in Your EHRs

EHR adoption and participation in HIEs have both been accelerated by financial incentives and the emergence of enhanced technologies. While EHRs have the potential to significantly improve the quality of care and patient outcomes, the race to implement and share them must be balanced by technology that will protect privacy and ensure accurate healthcare identification. Of critical importance to both the exchange and consolidation of a patient's health data is the assurance that the individual identified in each record is absolutely the same patient, not probably the same patient.

See How Privasent Helps