In today’s brave new health world, patient volumes are growing, electronic health records are commonplace, and clinical collaboration is critical to improving patient care and ensuring financial viability. Accurate patient identification is strategic and essential for clinical collaboration — providing the opening to improve patient outcomes or to make life-threatening mistakes based on misidentification somewhere in the series of care. Until now, moving to a national unique and absolute patient identifier posed too much of a privacy risk, until Privasent.

Privasent utilizes smart card technology to establish identity certitude no matter where a patient goes for care. For a single hospital or health system, Privasent integrates an individual’s encrypted biometric identity to that individual’s electronic health record, eliminating probable matching of health records and costly Master Patient Index clean-ups. Additionally, patient satisfaction is enhanced, as individuals enjoy a quick, easy and secure registration process–eliminating the need to request and process multiple and exhaustive forms at each registration. Every person registered can fully rest assured that his or her electronic record is linked accurately and exclusively. Accordingly, the possibility of medical identity fraud is eliminated and individuals’ privacy and civil liberties are protected.