Errors in the hospital Master Patient Index are a central problem in patient identification errors. MPIs house a unique patient identity that’s linked to a medical record number. All information systems within the hospital or health system are linked to this number and are the critical  for the exchange of health information between disparate systems. However, often that “unique identity” is not so unique. Duplicate records, in which one person has two separate unassociated medical record numbers, represent about 12 percent of all hospital accounts.

To protect patients from duplicate accounts and inaccurate records, Privasent combines biometric technologies and smart cards to register and authenticate patient identities displacing the error ridden and privacy compromising demographics-based approaches currently deployed for patient identification. The Privasent solution combines smart card, biometric and security technologies to produce a unique, absolute and interoperable identity that can scale to a national patient identifier. This unique identity can only be used to access healthcare services thus protecting the patient’s privacy and identity integrity.