Unlike other patient identification solutions out there, Privasent utilizes smart card technology to establish identity certitude. According to HIMSS, 8-14% of medical records have errors related to patient misidentification. “These errors can result in serious risks to patient safety,” states HIMSS. Increasingly, clinicians rely on patients’ electronic health record (EHR) to make diagnoses, prescribe drugs, and recommend other paths of care and treatment.

With an error of identity rate for nearly 2 in every 10 patients, patients as well as healthcare providers and payers should be concerned about the potential clinical and financial consequences of medical errors grounded simply in incorrect patient identification. Lack of policy or standards related to patient identification encourages medical fraud by making it easier for both patients and providers to defraud health payers, including the state and federal governments. Privasent uses smart card and biometric identification technologies to easily and cost-effectively eliminate patient identity errors while enhancing the security and privacy of electronic health records.