Our Mission

At Privasent, we have one ultimate goal:
eliminate patient misidentification.

By working closely with healthcare staff and providing the world’s most secure and dependable verification system, we can establish a safer environment for patients. The Privasent Absolute Identity solution incorporates multi-factor authentication through the use of unique Smart Cards and biometric palm vein scanning for 100% accurate verification every time.

Our team also believes that with the proper support and education, healthcare providers can attract and retain more patients. A Privasent facility with more patients served means fewer cases of misidentification. That’s why we consider every provider relationship to be a partnership focused on building patient relationships through stronger, more reliable registration procedures.

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The Value of Privasent

How We Started

In 2011, the wife of Don Brown, CEO of Privasent, was seriously injured in an accident located far from their home medical center. In the height of the emergency, progress was halted when the doctors were unable to confirm the accuracy of her medical records. Precious time slipped by while the team resorted to guesswork by family members for answers to essential questions like what medications she might be taking. The lack of an electronic medical record  that was positively associated with her nearly ended in tragedy. However, thanks to excellent teams in air medical and shock trauma, she has now fully recovered.

That harrowing event was the impetus for Privasent. Dr. Brown turned his team’s attention to the problems with EHRs and they responded with a ground breaking innovation designed to prevent experiences like this and save lives worldwide. Never again should a patient’s safety be at stake in a time of desperate need.

The Power Behind Privasent

The security and stability of Malta Systems and Partnet technology, passed on to your patients.

In 1994, Malta Systems’ parent company pioneered the concept of Internet sourcing, and remains a trusted provider of comprehensive, flexible and targeted web-based solutions for the U.S. Federal Government. The company’s software and technology solutions facilitate secure and reliable communication within the government and between the government and the commercial world; in these contexts, the highest levels of privacy and security are required.

This rare blend of mission-critical company and staff credentials has led to the creation of Privasent, Malta Systems’ next-generation paradigm solution to healthcare identity privacy and consent management for the healthcare industry.

Before the advent of Netscape and Internet Explorer, the technical team of Malta Systems and its parent company, Partnet, developed its own web browsers to allow engineers to use the Internet to source parts located in remote databases, giving birth to the concept of today’s eCommerce. In fact, Partnet obtained a patent for searching distributed databases over the Internet. Today this patent is widely used by nearly all Internet companies on the web (including Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and many others). With this expertise, Malta’s parent company’s technical team developed and continues maintenance and support of the Department of Defense (DOD) Electronic Mall (EMALL) for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

The DOD EMALL is the largest online marketplace built for the US Government. Built using Partnet’s ultra secure eCommerce Suite™, the DOD EMALL enables users to shop and purchase from over 20 million products and services. Around the globe, the DOD EMALL supports over 45,000 active users 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sales volume has grown from just over $100 thousand its first year to over $700 million each of the last three years.

Privasent represents an unequaled combination of Malta Systems’ and Partnet’s long-standing technical expertise with 30-plus years of direct healthcare industry insights, knowledge, and experience.

Malta Systems has the innovative technologies, tools, and processes necessary to successfully develop, deploy, and operate proven web applications that enable secure communications and governance among distributed stakeholders. Key areas of expertise include:

  • Information assurance, privacy and security
  • Faceted search of sparse datasets
  • Most valuable single software patent
  • Wireless and mobile interfaces
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Real-time data aggregation
  • Distributed record repositories
  • Business rules and workflows

This expertise is clearly evident in the Privasent Absolute Identity solution, where providers can maintain 100% secure and accurate IDs to positively match patients to their records using automated processes.

Recognize the Patient Identity Dilemma

Join our mission by learning just how common – and costly – patient misidentification is for the healthcare industry.

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