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How Patient Identity and Patient Satisfaction Work Together

By |Tuesday, August 14, 2018|Absolute Identity|

In terms of how patients generate revenue for a practice, what factors are most heavily weighted? New patients are difficult and costly to attract, especially in areas without steadily growing populations. Instead, organizations rely on [...]

The #1 Rule to Follow If You Want to Identify Patients Correctly

By |Tuesday, May 15, 2018|Absolute Identity|

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Patient misidentification shouldn’t be an issue in a modern healthcare setting. With the amount of technology and data maintenance resources found in the average medical practice, how is that we [...]

State HIEs need Absolute Patient Identification to be Successful

By |Wednesday, April 18, 2018|Absolute Identity, Smart Card Tech|

Last month, Wyoming announced that they were establishing the Wyoming Frontier Information Exchange. It is being built to become a centralized clinical data repository for participating vendors. According to James Bush, MD, Wyoming Medicaid medical [...]

Medical Technology for Identification: Smart Cards for Patients

By |Tuesday, March 27, 2018|Smart Card Tech|

Healthcare professionals have a lot to worry about these days. They need to balance both rising healthcare costs and rising technology costs. The challenge is not only to secure the funding for new technology, but [...]

These Are 4 Common Causes of Patient Identity Errors to Watch Out For

By |Tuesday, February 13, 2018|Uncategorized|

Last year, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) found that, on average, 10 percent of a health organization’s patient records are duplicates. Why is this statistic so disturbing? It means your organization is setting itself up [...]

4 Tips for Setting Patient Care Objectives at Your Clinic

By |Tuesday, January 23, 2018|Absolute Identity|

Patient care objectives outline how a medical practice commits to the treatment of their patients and are a critical component to defining and executing a medical practice’s mission. Patient care objectives can can focus on [...]

When Are Patient Registration Errors Most Likely to Occur?

By |Tuesday, December 19, 2017|Absolute Identity|

A John Hopkin’s study titled: Implementing and Sustaining Improvement in Healthcarefound that an astounding 92% of patient identity errors occur at the time of the registration process. The registration process is understandably complex and requires great attention to [...]

Ways to Keep Patients Coming Back to Your Health Facility

By |Tuesday, November 28, 2017|Uncategorized|

Running a successful healthcare facility not only requires you to provide your patients with quality health care, but also to provide them with experiences that drive patient satisfaction and retention. Unfortunately, patient retention is a major concern [...]

3 Systems That Help You Maintain Patient Records (with a Focus on Absolute Identity)

By |Tuesday, September 26, 2017|Absolute Identity|

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the different software that providers use to maintain patient records and how they impact patient identification. Some systems are built exclusively for record keeping purposes, like [...]