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How can you share data if you don’t know who your patients are?

By | Wednesday, April 13, 2016|Absolute Identity, Smart Card Tech|

That is a very good question. In Meaningful Use II there is a really big push for interoperable data. That is the sharing of data between healthcare facilities to provide a complete picture of an [...]

Congress looking at Smartcards for Medicare Recipients

By | Thursday, July 16, 2015|Smart Card Tech|

Last March the General Accounting Office provided Congress with a study on the Potential Uses of Electronically Readable Cards for Medicare Beneficiaries and Providers.  Congress had asked for the study because currently Medicare recipients have [...]

Privasent Roll Out at Saint Peter’s Healthcare System

By | Monday, November 3, 2014|Absolute Identity|

SALT LAKE CITY and NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – November 3, 2014 Malta Systems, a healthcare technology company focused on unique, absolute, and interoperable healthcare identity, announced today that Saint Peter’s Healthcare System began enrolling patients [...]