Privasent is the top healthcare identity protection solution.

The secret behind Privasent is a combination of truly state-of-the-art security protocols and patented Malta Systems technologies that enable Privasent to protect patients from duplicate accounts and inaccurate records. Privasent combines biometric palm vein scan technology and encrypted smart  cards to register and authenticate patient identities. These systems replace the error-ridden and privacy-compromising demographics-based approaches currently employed for patient identification.
  • Reduces billing errors and collection problems associated with patient identity mistakes
  • Improves ability for clinical collaboration and assessment of clinical and financial risk
  • Eliminates errors in master patient index and mismatches of health records that jeopardize patient safety
  • Streamlines registration processes and boosts patient satisfaction and confidence
  • Abolishes medical identity fraud and the associated bad debt write-offs
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Privasent: The Best Healthcare Identity Protection Available. Period.

To preserve patient safety and prevent costly identification errors, healthcare providers must solve the dilemma of patient misidentification. Download the free Patient Identity Dilemma white paper to learn more.

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