How Patient Identity and Patient Satisfaction Work Together

In terms of how patients generate revenue for a practice, what factors are most heavily weighted? New patients are difficult and costly to attract, especially in areas without steadily growing populations. Instead, organizations rely on retaining existing patients, or encouraging them to refer friends and family members. A happy patient is a returning patient. With access to online review portals, healthcare staff has direct visibility into patient satisfaction. Physicians can be rated on sites like Healthgrades and RateMDs based on care delivered, bedside manner, attentiveness, and tons of other criteria. One researcher identified how businesses that gain just one additional star on sites like Yelp gain up to 9% in revenue. Clearly there’s a strong tie between patient satisfaction and healthcare practice growth. So if you were to focus on building patient satisfaction, where would you start? Odds are that your patient identification process is a safe bet. Simple and Easy Intake The leading identified reasons patients make healthcare visits is simply for a health check-up or routine exam. Even if they are seeking treatment for a condition, speed of service in terms of staff responsiveness and timely care delivery are always an important measure of patient satisfaction. The intake and patient registration process has a direct impact on how soon - and how effectively - patients can be served. The keys to an effective intake process lie in the precision with which patient information is gathered and the speed with which patients can be verified. Technology plays an increasing role in achieving these goals. Biometric verification and the use of smart identification cards help administrators quickly pull up the correct patient records, confirm whether any updates should be made, and send the patient on their way to complete their [...]

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Ways to Keep Patients Coming Back to Your Health Facility

Running a successful healthcare facility not only requires you to provide your patients with quality health care, but also to provide them with experiences that drive patient satisfaction and retention. Unfortunately, patient retention is a major concern for many health care facilities. Just one negative experience could cause your patient not to come back, and new patient acquisition is extremely difficult and costly to attract. How can your patients gain trust in your practice? Check out these tips to help create patient retention strategies which will keep patients coming back to your healthcare facility: Create a Customer Service Training Program For Your Staff A study conducted by John Hopkins found that inadequate emphasis was placed on the process for proper patient identification within the training syllabus for registration staff. Key questions to consider include: How they are greeting patients? How are they entering the data into the system? How they are verifying the patient's identify? (Are they using more than one identifier?) What standard documents are used to identify patients? Take immediate corrective actions to ensure your registration process is standardized across your organization. Updating your customer service training curriculum will help reinforce proper patient identification steps. Make Follow-up a Standard Practice Don’t wait for patients to follow-up with you. Getting feedback from your patients is essential to understanding their experience. A simple follow-up call a few days after the patient's visit can provide the patient with an opportunity to voice any questions or concerns of their visit. By following up with your patients and asking questions you can discover how they are feeling and if they: need to schedule another appointment understand the doctor's suggestions need a prescription refill have any billing questions Asking questions can shed light [...]

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How Health Facilities Retain More Patients with Privasent

Patient retention is a major concern for healthcare facilities, especially in major metropolitan areas where there is a lot of choice. It is more important than ever to treat your patients well and really earn their business. You want your good patients to return and to suggest you to their friends and family when someone needs a brilliant and caring physician. This involves something that many practices have forgotten altogether: customer service. Emphasizing Customer Service in Healthcare – Patient Retention Strategies Marketing: Marketing is needed to roll out new ideas and campaigns across the organization. It is difficult to retain patients that you don't have. Put your best foot forward and ensure your marketing is authentic and useful, more than directly promotional. The goal should be to position yourself as a resource in the community, and to cultivate a community of raving fans around your practice. Remember, marketing is a service. The more patients you reach, the more people you can serve. Don't think it is important? When a person successfully searches online for a practice, it results in a phone call almost 70 percent of the time. The telephone: When a patient calls to schedule an appointment, it is always best to have a real person (with a friendly tone and a smile) answer the phone. In some clinics, it may be necessary to have an automated phone system as backup, but a live person is best. The fastest way to send a patient back to Google is to make them leave a message and wait for a return call for something as simple as scheduling an appointment. Check-in and waiting: Be sure to greet everyone arriving in your office with an open-ended question, [...]

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Checking in Without a Word: Why Patients Love Biometric Verification

Everyone has experienced going to the doctor’s office and having to fill out the same seemingly endless forms, having to provide your driver's license, your insurance card and other forms of photo ID. Imagine what it would be like to just walk into a doctor’s office or hospital, place your hand on a scanner and have the registrar greet you with a pleasant, “Good Morning Mrs. Smith, glad to see you again.” It isn’t just a dream, it can be a reality if your healthcare facility employees a biometric positive patient registrationsystem. The idea of “checking in without a word” is one of the main reasons patients love biometric verification. It is quick, easy and absolutely identifies you as the right person.  Receptionists will always know they are speaking to the right patient. By making your patients feel less stressed at the point of registration, they start out with a great first impression of your health care facility. You have demonstrated that you really care, not only about their safety, but about not having to ask them the same questions every time they visit. Misidentification at registration can be a major problem for healthcare facilities and have consequences for the patients. There are several reasons this happens and the result is the need to review all your identification documents. With biometric registration, all these concerns are eliminated because you know absolutely you are speaking to the right patient. Reasons for Patient Misidentification The 2016 National Patient Misidentification Report from the Ponemon Institute identifies that following reasons for patient misidentification: Incorrect patient identification at registration: 63 percent Time pressure when treating patients: 60 percent Insufficient employee/clinician training and awareness: 35 percent Too many duplicate medical records in system: 34 percent Registrar errors (human [...]

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How to Deliver a Stellar Patient Care Experience

From the start of an appointment to the finish (and sometimes beyond), enhancing the patient care experience should be one of your organization’s top objectives. When patients are satisfied with the attention they receive in a clinical setting, they’re more likely to keep coming back. Consumer research indicates that businesses who have satisfied customers can see a 9% increase in revenue on average. Since patients and consumers are really the same people, it’s safe to say that hospitals and healthcare facilities can achieve those same results. The question that we want to answer, then, is how exactly can we deliver those strong patient care experiences? How Patients Evaluate Their Care Experiences According to the Journal of Participatory Medicine, patients ranked the following criteria as most important to their healthcare experiences: Having a doctor who is caring and compassionate Having convenient and quick access to health care Having pleasant interactions with other staff in the doctor’s office The majority of patients cite interactions with their doctor as a strong indicator of a positive patient care experience. Most of the interactions with other staff happen at a point of transfer of care, like intake or transfer to another department. At any of these points, there are some best practices to keep in mind in order to satisfy the patient. Best Practices for Improving the Patient Care Experience Clinical staff can improve their patient care experiences by exhibiting a couple of key behaviors in the exam room. Exam Room Interaction Dr. Nabil Ebraheim and Molly Ebraheim put together a presentation of how important it is to make a good first impression on patients. In fact, they argue that how doctors behave in the first ten seconds of an appointment can set the tone for the [...]

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