Ways to Keep Patients Coming Back to Your Health Facility

Running a successful healthcare facility not only requires you to provide your patients with quality health care, but also to provide them with experiences that drive patient satisfaction and retention. Unfortunately, patient retention is a major concern for many health care facilities. Just one negative experience could cause your patient not to come back, and new patient acquisition is extremely difficult and costly to attract. How can your patients gain trust in your practice? Check out these tips to help create patient retention strategies which will keep patients coming back to your healthcare facility:

Create a Customer Service Training Program For Your Staff

A study conducted by John Hopkins found that inadequate emphasis was placed on the process for proper patient identification within the training syllabus for registration staff. Key questions to consider include:

  • How they are greeting patients?
  • How are they entering the data into the system?
  • How they are verifying the patient’s identify? (Are they using more than one identifier?)
  • What standard documents are used to identify patients?

Take immediate corrective actions to ensure your registration process is standardized across your organization. Updating your customer service training curriculum will help reinforce proper patient identification steps.

Make Follow-up a Standard Practice

Don’t wait for patients to follow-up with you. Getting feedback from your patients is essential to understanding their experience. A simple follow-up call a few days after the patient’s visit can provide the patient with an opportunity to voice any questions or concerns of their visit. By following up with your patients and asking questions you can discover how they are feeling and if they:

  • need to schedule another appointment
  • understand the doctor’s suggestions
  • need a prescription refill
  • have any billing questions

Asking questions can shed light into several areas of your current process in your practice. Your patients should feel heard.

How Patient Identification Drives Patient Retention and Satisfaction

Accurate patient identification is essential for patient satisfaction and retention. Hospitals lose an average of $17M every year from denied claims, primarily due to patient identity errors.

Some common causes of patient identity errors include:

  • duplicate records
  • misspellings of foreign names
  • identity theft
  • incorrect wristbands
  • confusion of common names

An additional study conducted by John Hopkins stated that more than 250,000 Americans die each year from medical errors.

Customer service training and follow-up are key to customer satisfaction but adding innovation technology ensures that patient identification and subsequently, safety is a top priority of the healthcare system. Without a comprehensive solution to eliminate patient identity errors, your hospital remains at risk for increased misdiagnoses, ineffective treatments and payment fraud.

Positive patient identification solutions that identify patients at registration can improve the accuracy and reduce medical errors and collection problems, streamline the patient registration process, and eliminate medical identity theft.

Are you unsure if your patient retention strategies in your organization work? Biometric patient identification is the most accurate way to positively identify a patient. To learn more about what can happen as a result of patient misidentification, check out this free downloadable whitepaper.

Download "Why Does Medical Identity Fraud Still Happen?"

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