Privasent combines smart card and biometric security technologies to produce a Unique, Absolute and Interoperable Identity.

Each time a patient checks in for care, Privasent authenticates the patient’s unique identity and presents the correct EHR, eliminating errors that jeopardize patient safety, and preventing medical identity fraud.

Encrypted Smart Cards


Balancing Convenience and Protection

Much like a modern debit card, the microchipped Privasent Smart Card cannot be copied without considerable resources. It also cannot be swapped or borrowed, like health insurance or social security cards. By presenting a Privasent Smart Card, patients quickly can prove their identity beyond a doubt at any participating facility.

Palm Vein Scanning


Impossible to Duplicate

Palm vein scanning is reliable and impossible to copy. Unlike fingerprinting, which has a negative connotation with law enforcement processing and can require multiple attempts during matching, a scan is simple and easy to understand. Providers incorporating biometrics into their patient registration process leave a lasting impression of attention to patient identity security – and deliver on it.

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Together, these technologies bring a wealth of benefits to both providers and patients.

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Improve your patient experience while avoiding the cost of clinical misidentification errors.

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Why Privasent is Better

Privasent is the best solution for patient identification

Merging locked-in biometric identity with smart card technology results in absolute healthcare identification. Each time a patient registers for care, his or her identity is quickly verified, and that one-of-a-kind identity is associated with the medical record at that care site. In a nutshell, this provides an absolute match of identity and medical record. Patient Access professionals, care givers, and patients alike agree, Privasent improves the process of receiving care.
Why Privasent is Better